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About Chinspiration

Get “Chinspired” with Rev. Kenneth Chin’s latest Chinspiration series – three journals full of his favourite inspirational quotes, touching on seven main categories, namely Faith, Heart, Roots, Prayer, Priority, Attitude and Thanksgiving. The best thing about Chinspirations is that these short sentences full of wisdom were inspired by his walk with God, showing how life is supposed to be lived out from God’s point of view. What’s more, every page is passionately and uniquely designed, making it the perfect gift!

About Author

Kenneth Chin, a lawyer by training, has dedicated his life since 1995 to help inspire people to believe. In 2000, Kenneth founded the Acts Church, a dynamic family church that has grown from 3 people to over 1,700 to date with a clear mission to “make disciples that will make the difference”. Kenneth has been featured and interviewed on a number of occasions in major local newspapers and on national television respectively for his many youth and community developing efforts through AYA and Acts.


As a preacher of the Bible, Pastor Kenneth crosses both international and denominational borders with the message of faith and faithfulness and is fully committed to strengthening believers in and through the local church as true agents of change and hope in this world.


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